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The Chocolate Cottage and Café began in April 1997 from lifelong dreams of Kaye wanting to start a chocolate shop and teahouse and husband Colin owning his own restaurant. Our idea was to create a haven from the stresses of the outside world, somewhere to immerse yourself in. The restored 1877 original Highfields school house was the perfect place for our plans.

From humble beginnings, we have literally grown with passion and hard work, producing all the chocolates in-house. The cafe now seats 230 and serves meals 6 days per week from 8am to 4pm. Over the years six other cottage businesses have been set up to add to the many things to explore. A destination with an amazing experience awaits you.

Situated on a grassy acreage overlooking unsurpassed views of the Toowoomba Range, the cafe has plenty of room for the family with shaded outdoor seating and warm indoor dining around a fireplace throughout winter.

The handpainted chairs, colourful décor and quirky giftware provides a perfect environment to indulge in our handmade chocolates, award winning cuisine and coffee from Coffee Supreme.

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